Why You Should Clean Your Asphalt Parking Lot Regularly And Properly


Maintaining a clean well-striped asphalt parking lot is very beneficial to your business. One of the most basic care and maintenance activities for asphalt surfaces is regular and thorough cleanup. In order to maintain a spotlessly clean asphalt parking lot, you should come up with a viable cleaning schedule. Your cleaning schedule should change according to the season and the weather. When the weather is wet and warm especially during the spring and summer months, you can enjoy natural cleaning of your asphalt parking lot. The rain will wash away all the debris on your parking lot and the sun will dry the freshly cleaned surface. But if the weather changes and leaves, dirt, and other debris start accumulating on your commercial parking lot, then you will have to adjust your cleaning schedule. During the fall season, you will have to come up with a new cleaning schedule. There are very many dead leaves falling in autumn and these should be removed as soon as possible. The winter season also requires frequent and thorough cleanup of your asphalt parking lot. But you must be asking yourself why all this cleaning is so important. Here are a few reasons why you should clean your asphalt parking lot regularly and properly.

Aesthetic Appeal

Anderson seal coatingThe physical appearance of your commercial parking lot is very important to your business. This is the first place that your clients land when visiting your business premises. If your commercial parking lot appears neglected and dirty, your visiting clients will have a very negative first impression of you and your business. But if your customers find a well-striped, well-maintained, and spotlessly clean parking lot in your commercial building, they will be very impressed and more encouraged to do business with you. Maintaining your parking lot seal coating is just as important, as well.

To Prolong Its Lifespan

The main reason why most Greenville parking lots are constructed with asphalt is because this material is very tough, long-lasting, and cheap. Asphalt is also recyclable, which means that it’s eco-friendly. Anyway, cleaning your asphalt parking regularly and thoroughly will prolong its lifespan even more. And by thorough cleaning we mean sweeping and removing all the leaves and debris from your asphalt parking lot. We also mean hosing down your asphalt parking lot to remove any remaining debris or spills. If this debris is left on the surface, it will block the flow of water and other harmful agents on the asphalt parking lot. This water can seep through the asphalt and damage the underlying layers through oxidation. As such, frequent and thorough cleanup protects the asphalt parking lot from physical and chemical damage thereby prolonging its lifespan and reducing parking lot repairs.

To Avoid Environmental Pollution

Proper cleaning of your asphalt parking lot will reduce or minimize pollution in local waterways thereby protecting the environment. You should adopt a healthy and eco-friendly cleanup routine that prevents the flow of chemicals, oils, metallic elements, garbage, and other pollutants to local drainage systems and sewers.

To Discourage Littering

A clean parking lot discourages people from littering. But if there is garbage and debris all over the place, people will not feel guilty increasing the mess.

To Keep Off Pests And Rodents

And as you very well know, rodents and other pests thrive in dirty unhealthy environments. To avoid harboring pests and other harmful rodents in your parking lot and even in your commercial building, keep it clean and neat.