When To Patch Your Asphalt Pavements In Greenville, SC


Commonly Used Asphalt Patching Techniques In Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC has some of the best asphalt roadways. These are not necessarily newly installed or constructed roadways. But they are most certainly well maintained with all the necessary repairs done on time. It’s very important to repair asphalt pavements, driveways, parking lots, and roadways on time. This ensures that they last longer, remain beautiful, and that you save money in the long run. Asphalt patching is the perfect solution to cracks and potholes in Greenville, SC. There are several effective asphalt patching techniques that are very popular in the city. These patching techniques go by many different names in various parts of the country. In Greenville, SC, you can use the throw-and-roll method to apply temporary patches in adverse weather conditions. Semi-permanent patches last longer because they are done more effectively with a compacting roller. You can use the spray injection method to apply patches in winter. For permanent patches, go for full-depth patching. You can use hot mix asphalt (HMA), cold mix asphalt (CMA), or even custom mixes to patch the cracks and potholes in your asphalt pavements. Let us look at the times when you really need to do some patching on your asphalt pavements, driveways, or parking lots in Greenville, SC.Greenwood asphalt repair

Patch To Seal All Cracks

Greenville asphalt patching is mostly done to seal cracks on asphalt pavements, driveways, roads, and parking lots. Cracks are caused by very many different factors and agents on asphalt surfaces. Asphalt can start cracking to heavy traffic causing a lot of pressure on the surface. Water, ultraviolet light from sunlight, and oxygen can also react and cause asphalt to crack through oxidation. Tree roots can also exert pressure on the asphalt layers and cause cracks to appear. Whichever is the cause of cracking for your asphalt surfaces in Greenville, SC, ensure that you patch them as soon as possible. Ignoring these cracks will cause the surface to deteriorate and you will end up with a very serious and costly problem on your hands. You might even be forced to repave the whole place when the cracks become too big.

Patch To Fill All Potholes

Another common problem in asphalt surfaces in Greenville, SC is potholes. Asphalt pavements, roads, driveways, and parking lots develop potholes due to many reasons. Heavy vehicular traffic can cause potholes to appear. Oxidation, tree roots, and erosion can also cause potholes to occur on an asphalt surface in Greenville, SC. In most cases, the pothole starts as a small seemingly harmless hole. But the whole enlarges very quickly if not patched on time. Huge potholes on your asphalt pavements, driveways, and/or parking lot can cause a lot of problems. They can damage cars, cause accidents, ruin the beauty of your compound, and cost you a lot in repairs. Patch all those small potholes as soon as they appear to avoid all these problems.

Routine Asphalt Repairs And Maintenance

You should inspect your asphalt pavements, driveways, and parking lots regularly as part of your maintenance routine. Regular inspections will reveal any damages or faults on the asphalt surfaces. You will then be able to implement routine repairs on time before the damage is too serious.  Companies like Pickens Construction can patch your asphalt surfaces in Greenville, SC routinely to avoid hefty repair costs. They can be followed at https://issuu.com/pickensconstructionsc.