What Happens To Your Asphalt Parking Lot During The Warmer Seasons In Greenville, SC


Asphalt Parking Lots In Spring And Summer In Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC is now basking in the warm summer weather and everything seems perfect. The warm weather seems to be very nice for almost everything in the city. But there might be some structures that are not too happy with the ongoing summer bliss in Greenville, SC. These include all the asphalt pavements, roadways, parking lots, and driveways in the city. But before you start thinking that the warm weather is really ruining your asphalt structures in Greenville, SC, just know that it’s far much better than the cold chilly winter weather. But the warm weather also has its shortcomings and negative effects when it comes to road construction structures. Starting from the spring season when the ice on the many Greenville parking lots starts to melt, many good and a few bad things happen. But all in all, the warm weather is better for asphalt than the cold weather. There are fewer problems in summer but high temperature fluctuations can still pose a serious problem. Let us now look at the effects of warm weather on asphalt parking lots in Greenville, SC.

Effect Of Warm Weather On Asphalt Surfaces

Anderson parking lotsThe most stressful period for your asphalt parking lot in Greenville, SC is during the transition from cold to warm weather is right after winter ends. There is ice all over the ground at this time in Greenville, SC. But as soon as the spring season starts, the ice starts to melt. The problem is that the ice on the surface melts first. And remember there is more ice underneath the surface and in cracks on the asphalt parking lot. The melting ice saturates the underlying asphalt layers thereby undermining its structural integrity. If the situation continues for some time, the asphalt surface will start to crack and buckle.

Using Your Asphalt Parking Lot In Spring And Summer

Now that you know how the weather transition from winter to spring affects your asphalt parking lot, you need to know what you can do about it. The best way to prevent more structural damage to asphalt, according to Pickens Construction, is to use the asphalt parking lot as carefully as possible during this sensitive period. The paving company can also be seen at https://www.cityfos.com/company/Pickens-Construction-in-Anderson-SC-22387005.htm.

There are a few things that can help reduce the damage on your asphalt parking lot in Greenville, SC and these include:

·       Watch the weight of vehicles using the asphalt parking lot

·       Darin away any standing water

·       Remove all debris that can block water on the asphalt parking lot

·       Melt the ice faster and evenly

These are all measures that you can use to help alleviate this problem during the spring transition in Greenville, SC. And as we will see below, there are also many effective measures that you can implement to prevent asphalt damages during the cold/warm weather transition.

How To Prevent Asphalt Damages During The Warm Seasons

If you want to prevent this problem from occurring and hence protect your asphalt parking lot in Greenville, SC during the warm months, you should do the following things:

·       Seal cracks before winter

·       Fill potholes before winter

·       Reseal your asphalt parking lot every 2-3 years

·       Redirect heavy vehicles