Three Reasons To Choose Asphalt Over Concrete


The two most popular construction materials for private and business roadways, pavements, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways are concrete and asphalt. Concrete has been used in road construction since the ancient days but asphalt is a relatively modern invention in pavement construction. Since its enhancement and refinement by U.S. based Belgian inventor Edward de Smedt, asphalt has become the construction material of choice for most households. Asphalt pavements are mainly constructed with a composite mineral aggregate of fine and coarse elements like sand, gravel, and crushed rock bonded together with asphalt. Concrete is a composite construction material containing fine and coarse aggregates bound together with fluid cement paste. There are many reasons why asphalt is far more popular than concrete in the construction of Greenwood parking lots, pavements, and driveways but we will look at only the five major ones below.


Asphalt Paving Is Stronger And Durable

asphalt and concrete


Both asphalt and concrete pavements are very strong and considerably durable. However, asphalt paving is tougher and lasts longer than concrete. Asphalt is stronger and more durable than concrete because it is more flexible — once it is set — than concrete. Asphalt can handle extreme temperature changes because it expands and contracts accordingly but concrete flakes during the cold winter months. Asphalt paving is also capable of handling heavy vehicle and human traffic than concrete. It is far much tougher than concrete and can hence support heavier loads on its surfaces for longer periods of time. Asphalt paving, especially when seal-coated, can withstand heavy rainstorms without damage but concrete usually suffers cracks and chipping after heavy rains and snowfall. And last but not least, asphalt paving is of a dark rich color which absorbs and traps the sun’s heat and hence melts snow and ice faster and more efficiently than concrete.


Easy To Install And Maintain


Asphalt paving is far much easier and cheaper to install, maintain, and repair than concrete paving. Based on prevailing industry installation costs per square foot, concrete paving costs double or more to install than asphalt paving. Also, it takes far much less time to install and use an asphalt pavement than a concrete one. You can have an asphalt driveway or pavement installed in less than 48 hours and ready for use in the next 48 hours. You need about a week to have a concrete pavement installed and set and some more time for it to dry before usage. And when it comes to maintenance, asphalt pavement surfaces are no hassle. You are only required to sweep them several times a month to get rid of all the debris and that is it. Concrete road surfaces on the other hand require constant and costly maintenance procedures to prevent cracking and chipping. You should make sure that all your asphalt pavements are sealcoated to enhance their beauty and longevity and to ease your maintenance routine.


Asphalt Paving Retains Its Beauty For Very Long


After construction, asphalt paving retains a dark rich hue that gives your driveway or parking lot a very appealing look. This tasty finish should be striped and marked accordingly to enhance the curb appeal. As compared to concrete, asphalt is far much beautiful and retains its beauty for far much longer than concrete. This is especially so when fresh sealcoat is applied regularly.