The Importance Of Line Striping And Road Markings


There are several enhancement procedures that must be done to pavements and other roadways after construction. These procedures are just as important as the actual road construction exercises. Some of the most integral procedures after the construction of any roadway involve the application of line stripes and markings on the surface of the roadway or pavement. Line striping and road marking are very important procedures in road construction because they enhance safety on private and public roadways. All the important reasons for striping and marking roadways, pavements, driveways, and parking lots are discussed below.




The most important reason for line striping and marking of all roadways and parking lots is to enhance the safety of road users. Line striping involves the application or installation of crosswalks and lane borders on all road surfaces by any licensed Anderson thermo striping company. These markings and stripes provide safety to vehicles, drivers, passengers and pedestrians on private and public roads. Crosswalks fro example mark areas where pedestrian can safely cross the road without fear of being hit by oncoming vehicular traffic. These functional road signs and markers help prevent accidents on roadways thereby mitigating injuries and other accident liabilities in the process.


Space Organization


Parking lot striping or line striping is also used to mark and designate various parking spots in a parking lot. They start as instructional road markings that direct traffic flow by indicating one-way streets, stop signs, crosswalks, and any other important road features for vehicular traffic. They end up in the parking lot with markings and signs of various parking spot designations for various vehicles. Drivers should observe and comply with these driveway and parking lot stripes and markings to avoid confusion on roadways and parking lots. Through effective use of line striping, you can organize all the space on your parking lot to ensure that everyone gets a designated parking spot as desired.



Anderson asphalt


The other important of line striping and road markings on private and public roadways, driveways, and parking lots is to enhance the beauty or aesthetic appeal of the road surfaces and pavements. The application of road stripes and other road signs in rich yellow or white colors renders a professional and appealing finish to a road surface. Having your driveway striped and marked enhances the curb appeal of your home. Road stripes and markings usually fade out after long exposure to the natural environment. You should make a point of having your roadways, driveways, pavements, and parking lots re-striped every time you apply a fresh sealcoat to your private or public asphalt or concrete roadways. The crisp glossy white, yellow, or dark blue road stripes and markings, which are the most commonly colors for this kind of thing, contrasts beautifully with the dark rich surface hue of a finished asphalt or concrete road surface.


Special Applications


Line stripes and road markings are also used for special applications on road surfaces. For instance, they are used to mark and indicate handicapped parking spots and access pathways. They are also used to mark the most direct pathway or pavement to a building. It is a legal requirement for all businesses to mark and designate parking spots for the handicapped. As such, line striping and road marking serves all the aforementioned functions and this important special application on road surfaces.