Smooth Asphalt Roadways Will Save You Money In Greenville, SC


Why You Should Have Well-Maintained Asphalt Pavements In Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC uses both asphalt and concrete in road construction. Due to its many financial, structural, and environmental benefits, asphalt is more popular than concrete as a road construction material in the city. You can easily see why asphalt is more popular after comparing the two road construction materials. For starters, asphalt is easier and faster to apply than concrete. Secondly, asphalt is more cost-effective than concrete. Thirdly, asphalt requires less maintenance than concrete in Greenville, SC. Fourthly, asphalt offers a smoother more appealing finish than concrete.

Our main concern today is the last advantage of asphalt over concrete, which is smoothness. Many people are not aware of the fact that a smooth finish is important in road construction. Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable company to pave your roadways, like Pickens Construction, is very important for a well constructed and finished project.  Pickens can be seen at

Maintaining a smooth asphalt roadway or pavement is very important in Greenville, SC. You can achieve and maintain a smooth finish on your asphalt roadway by doing the following:Anderson seal coating

·       Sealing and resealing the roadway

·       Filling cracks and potholes

·       Repaving the roadway

You should hire a reliable Greenville asphalt company to do all these things to ensure that your asphalt roadway remains smooth and appealing. Pickens Construction provides all the aforementioned preventative procedures for asphalt roadways in Greenville, SC. And if you are wondering why you need to have a smooth asphalt roadway in the city, here are a few reasons why.

Lower Fuel Consumption

One of the advantages of having smooth asphalt roadways in Greenville, SC is to save fuel. This should not be a surprise to many drivers. You know how a car struggles to pick up speed and maintain it on a rough roadway. A smooth roadway offers easier driving and the vehicle consumes less fuel. The Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) conducted extensive research to determine various factors that affect fuel consumption. The APA focused on:

·       Rolling resistance

·       Pavement stiffness

·       Pavement smoothness

The APA discovered the pavement or roadway smoothness had the biggest impact of fuel consumption. The smoother the roadway, the lesser the fuel consumed. A smoother surface reduces fuel consumption by 4.5 to 5 % as compared to a rough surface. Asphalt produces smoother roadways than concrete under the same construction conditions. This means that you will save a lot of money on fuel if you construct smooth asphalt roadways in Greenville, SC.

Minimal Vehicle Damage

This is basic knowledge for every road user in Greenville, SC. Driving on a rough roadway will damage your vehicle. A smooth roadway reduces the tear and wear on your car thereby reducing your vehicle repair and maintenance costs.

Long-Lasting Roadways

Smooth roadways tend to last for a very long time in Greenville, SC. The problem with a rough pavement or roadway is that it offers the start of a fault. The tires in the cars that are driving on the rough driveway will latch onto something rough and cause a crack or a pothole on the surface. This is where all your cash troubles start.

Fewer Accident Liabilities

Rough roadways force drivers to swerve all over the place to avoid the rough patches. This is very dangerous because it can cause all kinds of accidents. Driving on a smooth roadway is safer and it reduces accident-related liabilities.