Road Construction

Road construction is our main concern in Pickens Construction Inc. We have been building roadways, pathways, and highways since 1948 when the company was called Harold Pickens Construction Company. The firm was then named after one of its founders, the legendary contractor Harold Pickens, Sr., who was by then its sole owner. For the past 70+ years, our company has been refining and perfecting the processes of road building, paving, and all the other services that are associated with this infrastructure’s development and maintenance.

We hold some of the highest road construction qualifications and are capable of handling all kinds of assignments in this field.

State Certified in SC and GA

Our company is certified as a fully qualified Class A contractor by the Contractors State

License Boards (CSLBs) of South Carolina and Georgia and hence licensed to practice professionally in the two states. You can visit the websites of these two state boards to check and verify our exceptional credentials and even our exemplary industry reputation.


Pickens Construction has assembled one of the most experienced and competent road construction crews. And we can confidently guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our work. We have a fully staffed and well equipped lab for materials’ analysis and many specialized subdivisions to handle all specialty road construction services.

We provide a wide range of services in this building and construction niche including the ones discussed below:

Site Preparation (Clearing/Grading)

We have a special team that offers full site preparation and development services. From lot clearing to excavation to dirt moving, to grading to land leveling and much more, our team handles everything.

Our company has enough excavators, bulldozers, and milling plants to handle all these site clearing and preparation processes before the project begins.

Pavement Maintenance (Surface Treatment)

We offer pavement sealing services to make it last longer. We implement a variety of surface treatments like fog and double chip sealing, micro surfacing, overlaying with thin hot-mix asphalt, and seal coating. When sealing the surfaces with asphalt, we prefer emulsions instead of cutbacks because of their inherent environmental friendliness and safety.

Anderson concreteConcrete Curb & Gutters

Pickens Construction caters for all residential, commercial, and industrial curbing needs in its regional service areas. We have all kinds of curb and gutter machines and moulds and readily available concrete to create strong and aesthetically appealing curbs. Our curbs protect asphalt shoulders while directing water flow to drainage points. They also harness steep drop-offs in lots in addition to adding beauty to the street or parking lot.

Parking Lots

We solve all parking lot concerns including repair, expansion, resurfacing, upgrades, and even new constructions. We will construct the lot according to your desired design and layout. We handle all projects typically starting with site excavation and fine grading, followed by the actual paving before finishing off with line stripping.

Storm Drainage

Our drainage solutions include the installation and/or repair of:

  • Underground drain systems
  • French drains
  • Trench drain systems
  • Manholes and Catches
  • And all the necessary drainage pipes

Other Services

We offer many other road construction services including site demolition, brick and stone driveway installation and repair, concrete cutting, mud jacking, drilling and pumping, installation and repair of streets and sidewalks, and all kinds of paving services.

Visit our site today for a complete list of all our road construction and asphalt & paving services.