Recycled Asphalt Key Factors


Do you have a major asphalt project coming up? If so, perhaps you are dreading the cost of the materials. Luckily, we are here to provide you with a solution: recycled asphalt. Recycled asphalt is both a cost-effective and environmentally-sound alternative to new asphalt. If you would like to know more about recycled asphalt, read further. This article will delve into the benefits of recycled asphalt, while also going into some detail about how to source or produce it.

Recycled Asphalt Will Save You Money

One of the biggest benefits of using recycled asphalt is that it will certainly save you money, compared to buying new asphalt. Those who use recycled asphalt find that it saves them considerable dollars on their construction project. Since a project’s budget is so important, it is recommended that you utilize this cost-saving measure. Although recycled asphalt is cheaper than the new stuff, the quality and durability are exactly the same. Consider the benefits recycled asphalt can provide for your next parking lot, drive, or road.

Recycled Asphalt Is Better For The Environment

In addition to being cheaper, recycled asphalt is also better for the environment. Recycling asphalt saves energy and resources over producing new asphalt. So if you are looking to do your part for the environment with your next project, whether it is driveway, parking lot, or road construction (and perhaps even earn some green construction credits in the process) it is definitely recommended that you use recycled asphalt. Because recycled asphalt is low-cost, high quality, and environmentally friendly, it is a win-win-win!

Anderson mobile crushingWho To Turn To For Recycled Asphalt

Many asphalt construction companies offer recycled asphalt, but unfortunately, not all do. This is why it pays (literally) to be selective when choosing an asphalt company.  You want to look for a company that deals in 100% recycled asphalt. Often, companies who use 100% recycled asphalt will display some sort of logo or disclaimer announcing that fact. This should also give you added peace of mind: a company that uses recycled asphalt is a company that both cares about the environment and a company that cares about saving you money.

Of course, it is helpful if the asphalt company that you turn to has other credentials as well. For one, you want to work with a company that is a member of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). This is an indicator of quality work in the industry.  You also want to work with a company that has decades of experience in the industry, as well as stellar reviews in your area.

Recycling Your Own Asphalt

Believe it or not, you can actually recycle your own asphalt! OK, you probably can’t complete the whole process yourself; you will likely need the help of an Anderson milling company. If you are breaking up an old parking lot for replacement, there is truly no need to purchase new asphalt. You would simply take the chunks of asphalt to the milling company for them to reprocess and turn into high quality recycled asphalt. This is a great money saving tip that many construction companies have taken to heart.