Pros And Cons Of Installing An Asphalt Pavement


All road construction materials offer various advantages and disadvantages. But asphalt has proven to be one of the best road construction materials in the market today. The main competitor for this prestigious position is concrete. But asphalt offers too many advantages that concrete is really losing the supremacy battle in the road construction industry. Asphalt is a semisolid material composed of sand, stone and gravel all bound together by asphalt cement, which is a petroleum byproduct. Today we are going to look at the many advantages and the few disadvantages that make asphalt such a great road construction material.


Asphalt offers so many advantages that it’s quite clear why it’s regarded as the most superior material in the road construction industry. Let u now look at some of the major benefits of using asphalt in road construction.

Easy To Install

Asphalt pavements, parking lots, and driveways are far much easier to install than any other material. When compared to the concrete, the second most popular material in road construction, asphalt takes up less than half the time it takes to install concrete. Concrete requires time to set and cure. Whereas an asphalt pavement can take just two days to install, you will need a week or more before you use a similar concrete pavement.Anderson road construction

Cheaper To Install

Asphalt pavements are cheaper to install than concrete pavements. A concrete pavement costs more than double the amount it costs to install a similar asphalt pavement. You will also take more time to install a concrete pavement, which makes it less cost-effective than asphalt.

Beautiful To Look At

Asphalt has a rich shiny black color after installation. A newly installed asphalt pavement will take your breath away. And even when your asphalt pavement is several years old, you can request for Anderson asphalt sealing services to have the whole surface sealcoated with a rich glossy dark sealant.


Another reason why asphalt is super popular in the road construction industry is because it is recyclable. You can recycle all your old worn-out asphalt pavements. This means that asphalt is eco-friendly. Instead of buying new road construction materials, you can reclaim asphalt using the asphalt milling proves and reuse it in other construction projects. This makes asphalt both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Withstands Cold Weather Conditions

Asphalt can withstand extreme temperature variations. When installed, an asphalt pavement sets in just fine. It does not shrink and expand as the weather changes, which means that it doesn’t crack and fold like concrete. This is why asphalt pavements last for a very long time even in extreme weather conditions.

Easy To Repair And Replace

Asphalt is very easy to repair and replace. You can have your damaged asphalt surfaces patched or resurfaced. The good news is that you only have to mill the top layer and replace or repair it while leaving the bottom layers intact.

Preventive Maintenance

Asphalt requires regular preventive maintenance to remain functional. You need to repair your asphalt surfaces if you have cracks or holes. You also need to sealcoat and to reseal your asphalt pavement after every 2-5 years. By maintaining your asphalt pavements properly, they will uphold their beauty and be very long-lasting.