Some call it cold planing, others refer to it as profiling, and the rest of us say pavement or asphalt milling. They all mean the same thing — the systematic process of removing the surface of a pavement or roadway to reach a specified depth. As you might already have seen or can easily guess, this process requires specialized equipment to ensure that the desired thickness and gradient are achieved.

Well, guess what, here at Pickens Construction, Inc we have all the sophisticated machinery needed for Milling. In fact we have gone a step further and assembled one of the most competent and experienced teams to handle all your profiling projects.

Why Milling?

Greenwood recycled asphaltMilling offers several advantages over other pavement construction options like gravel:

  • It is cheap
  • It is environmentally friendly because the reclaimed asphalt is recyclable
  • It is the fastest solution

Why Us?

Pickens Construction is committed to ensuring that all our customers enjoy exemplary services in all new building and construction and/or maintenance projects. In addition to charging fair fees and having all the hottest machinery, we have also invested in one other key driver to ensure that we never fail our customers – expert workforce.

Our Skilled Personnel

Our entire workforce is very highly trained in engineering skills and also in client interaction etiquette. We also have a very dedicated customer care department to ensure that all our customers’ concerns are addressed as fast and as satisfactorily as possible.

Our top-of-the-range asphalt and concrete removal equipment enables us to handle all types of Milling.

Pavement Milling

This is the most common and popular method of pavement removal. This process is usually used in road or pavement resurfacing projects. We have the latest and most reliable tools and equipment to ensure that this process, which is also called planing, is conducted efficiently and effectively to enhance quality and productivity.

We use this method of milling to remove faulty and/or old pavements. We also use it to reconstruct or correct the surface profile, slope and elevation of a pavement. Our teams conclude this process after revealing the hidden curb and getting asphalt for recycling.

Fine Milling

Pickens Construction is the industry leader in profiling. We are one of the few contractors that can properly and accurately perform fine milling. This process is used to reclaim asphalt pavement and when done correctly, you can come back and place a thin asphalt overlay. Fine Milling process is quite advantageous because it reduces Recyclable Asphalt Pavement (RAP) processing costs. Our team ensures that you always get a passable milled surface after the process and the surface is usually very clean.

Micro Milling

This is perhaps the most advanced method of correcting asphalt deficiencies. It is critical that you do it right in order to preserve the pavement by leaving a very smooth surface. This is regarded as the ultimate pavement correction and preservation solution and it’s all about efficiency and consistency. By employing cutting-edge micro milling techniques, Pickens Construction rectifies drainage problems, removes cross-sectional bumps, obviates wheel furrowing, and even corrects intermediate and surface course pavements.

Concrete Milling And Bridge Overlay Removal

In addition to asphalt milling, we also remove concrete structures and pavements, and also use the aforementioned milling processes to rehabilitate bridge decks. Our concrete scarification procedures are very precise and accurate and we are currently considered as the fastest and cheapest milling contractors in Anderson, South Carolina.