Important Driving/Travel Safety Tips For A Road Construction Site


Many people suffer accidents in construction sites. This is especially serious in road construction sites. The main reason why road construction sites are especially dangerous is because we usually continue to use sections of the roadway when the construction is ongoing. We have all traveled in a road that is undergoing construction. This is where you get those orange cones and various barriers indicating that road construction is ongoing. There are also road construction workers holding flags indicating which lane should be used as the other lanes continue to be repaired or constructed. Anyway, it’s very important to ensure safety in a road construction sites. Many drivers have caused serious and even fatal accidents by not adhering to safety regulations for road construction sites. This article contains five very important safety tips for drivers and travelers using a road under construction.

Keep To The Proper Lane

When a road is being repaired or newly constructed, the contractor usually designates various lanes that can be used while the others are being constructed. It’s quite inconveniencing and uneconomical to close a whole roadway just because it’s undergoing repairs or maintenance. Instead, the contractor works on one or a few lanes first and leaves other lanes for commuters. When you approach a road construction site, you should slow down and note the lane designated for use. The orange cones, barriers, and flaggers will indicate the lane that you can safely use while the construction continues. Some drivers do not adhere to these signs and they end up causing a huge mess and serious accidents in road construction sites.

Comply With Indicated Speed Limits

As you approach a road construction site, you will notice various signs indicating that you slow down. These signs usually indicate the speed you are supposed to reach before you even arrive at the road construction site. You should strictly comply with these speed limits to ensure that you drive safely in the road construction site. If you drive too fast when approaching the site, you might not be able to slow down and change lanes as required and this can cause some serious accidents in the road construction site.

Follow Instructions By Road Construction Workers

Road contusion contractors and workers use all kinds of signs to direct traffic during road construction. The workers plant speed limit signs a reasonable distance from the actual road construction sites to help drivers slow down. They also use orange cones, barriers, and flags to direct the traffic to usable lane(s). You should always follow these indications to ensure that you do not confuse other drivers or run into the road construction site.

Obey Regular Traffic Rules

You should always obey traffic rules when driving. But this is especially critical when driving ion a road construction site. For instance, you should ensure maximum concentration and avoid all distractions like cell phones when driving in this sensitive site. Do not try to overlap other vehicles and maintain the required speed limit. Whether it’s a Greenville parking lot construction or a major highway repair or construction, always obey the regular traffic rules.

Drive Patiently

And last but not least, you should drive very carefully and patiently in a road construction site. Be ready for any kind of traffic incident. Mind all the other drivers. Stay alert and do not speed your vehicle in the congested lane.