How To Maintain A Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot


The parking lot in your office building is very important. This is where all your workers and clients park their cars. And if you are in a business that requires regular deliveries, then the parking lot is very essential. Some commercial buildings have designated parking lots below or even on top of the building. These parking lots are very functional and they save space in the street. Big corporations usually have large parking lots in front of their commercial buildings. Wherever you decide to build your parking lot, always ensure that it adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means that your parking lot should have reserved spots for physically disabled people. Maintaining a commercial parking lot is not easy. This is mainly because commercial parking lots handle heavy vehicular traffic. Commercial parking lots can be made from asphalt or concrete. The following are some useful tips for maintaining a commercial parking lot.

Proper Cleaning

All asphalt pavements, driveways, and parking lots require regular cleaning. A commercial asphalt parking lot should be cleaned regularly to remove any spilled oils, dirt, debris, and stagnant water. Remember that commercial parking lots host very many vehicles. These vehicles could be spilling oils or even gasoline. If you let these spilled oils and gasoline remain on an asphalt surface for long, they can seep beneath the surface and react with the asphalt. That is why you should clean your asphalt parking lots frequently. Dirt, water, and other debris should not remain on your parking lot for long. These things ruin the appearance of your commercial asphalt parking lot and they can also cause water to stagnate and seep through to the asphalt sub-layer where it can cause oxidation and damage.

Regular Sealcoating

Anderson seal coatingA commercial asphalt parking lot should be sealcoated within three months and a year after installation. Sealcoating involves the application of a protective layer of sealant on the asphalt surface. Sealcoating the asphalt surface protects the parking lot from many harmful agents like water, sunlight, and spilled oil. Sealcoating also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your asphalt parking lot. After sealing the asphalt surface for the first time, you should reseal it every two years.

Regular Line Striping

You should have your commercial asphalt parking lot line striped soon after installation. Line striping is the application of stripes to designate the various parking spots in your commercial parking lot. Line striping is very important to ensure safety and enhance the beauty of your commercial asphalt parking lot. Thermoplastic line striping is the most recommendable method of line striping your commercial asphalt parking lot. You should hire a reputable road construction company that offers Anderson asphalt striping services for this work. You should restripe your commercial asphalt parking lot every time the stripes begin to fade.

Routine Inspections

You should inspect your commercial asphalt parking lot regularly. You should also hire a professional road construction contractor to inspect the asphalt surface from time to time. Regular inspections will help identify any defects on the asphalt surface and hence ensure timely repairs.

Timely Repairs

Any damages or defects in your commercial asphalt parking lot should be repaired immediately. Cracks and potholes should be filled immediately. This will ensure functionality and enhance the durability of your commercial asphalt parking lot.