How To Fix Crocodile Cracks In Asphalt Pavements Anderson, SC


Everything You Need To Know About Asphalt Crocodile Cracking In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC has some of the finest pavements and roadways. And most of these excellent roads and pavements are made of asphalt. The main reason why the residents of Anderson, SC prefer asphalt as a road construction material is because it lasts for a very long time. There are several other reasons why asphalt is so popular in Anderson, SC and these include:

·       It’s strong and durable

·       Cheaper and easier to use

·       Recyclable

·       Eco-friendly

Most of the roadways, pavements, driveways, and parking lots in Anderson, SC are made of asphalt. But like all other road construction materials, asphalt wears out over time. The good news is that will proper care and preventative maintenance, your asphalt surfaces can last for very long without requiring professional Anderson asphalt repair services. But if you neglect your asphalt pavements in Anderson, SC, you will need to fix ugly cracks called crocodile or alligator cracks from time to time. Crocodile cracks look like the skin of a reptile hence the name. Today you are going to learn everything there is to know about these super ugly cracks.Greenwood asphalt repair

How Crocodile Cracks Occur

Crocodile cracks mainly occur due to fatigue cracking. This is a very common problem in asphalt paving in Anderson, SC. Basically, the asphalt surface develops structural problems due to fatigue or wear and tear. Actually, the substrate under the asphalt is the main victim here. One thing that you should know about asphalt is that water is one of its main enemies. When water seeps through the asphalt surface, it can erode the material, oxidize the asphalt, or freeze during cold weather and expand thereby causing cracks in the asphalt. When any or all of these issues arise, the asphalt surface becomes weak and starts developing cracks. When the weakened asphalt surface is subjected or exposed to high pressure like when there are heavy trucks and vehicles on the surface, the already formed cracks enlarge to become giant alligator cracks. Other causes of crocodile cracks in Anderson, SC are poor asphalt paving or construction.


How To Prevent Crocodile Cracking In Asphalt Surfaces

Now that you know the causes of crocodile cracks in asphalt, it’s easier to find some preventative measures. For starters, you should always keep water away from the asphalt. Prevent water from seeping through the asphalt. There are several ways of achieving this including:

·       Proper drainage when paving the surface

·       Sealing the asphalt surfaces

·       Patching cracks and filling potholes early

·       Observing vehicular weight and pressure on any asphalt pavement

All these measures will help maintain your asphalt pavements in Anderson, SC in good condition. And if you are not able or do not know how to do any of this stuff, you can always contact Pickens Construction from professional assistance. They can also be found at

How To Fix Crocodile Cracks In Asphalt Pavements

The problem with many manmade and even some natural structures is that they are bound to wear out with time. Despite all your efforts to keep these crocodile cracks from happening, you will still find them in your asphalt pavements. The cracked surface should be removed and a new layer applied. Large fixtures cannot be repaired through sealing hence the need for fresh paving and a hot mix asphalt overlay.