Comparing The 3 Most Popular Driveway Designs/Shapes In Anderson, SC


Common Types Of Driveways In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC has some fantastic homes with all kinds of beautiful driveways. Many homes in this amazing city have huge private driveways. And these driveways come in many different types, designs, and shapes. When it comes to choosing the best driveway for your home in Anderson, SC, there are several things that you should consider including:

·       Size of your property

·       Required driveway and parking space

·       Cost

·       Care and maintenance

·       Longevity

That is why there are very many different options for driveways in Anderson, SC. You are not limited to any one material. Most homes in Anderson, SC have asphalt or concrete driveways. But all the materials listed below are used to construct driveways in the city:

·       Asphalt driveways

·       Concrete driveways

·       Gravel driveways

·       Brick driveways

·       Cobblestone driveways

·       Green lawn driveways

·       Dirt driveways

·       Crushed basalt driveways

·       Crushed stone driveways

·       Recycled glass driveways

You can even build a combination driveway with various types of materials. Some of the materials listed above require frequent Anderson driveway repairs while others last for a very long time without getting damages. These are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the right material for your driveway in Anderson, SC. And if you are having a problem choosing the right material for your driveway, you can always consult Pickens Construction for advice. Their reviews can be seen at

In addition to choosing the right material for your driveway, you also need to pick the right shape or design layout. And to help you with this important decision, we have decided to compare the three most popular driveway designs in Anderson, SC.

Straight Driveways

As the name implies, a straight driveway is just straight. This is the simplest driveway to build. It’s simply a direct route to your house. One of the main advantages of this type of driveway is that it’s very easy and cheap to design and install. And regarding its beauty, it’s very clean, geometric, and appealing in the modern sense. In Anderson, SC, straight driveways are recommended for homes with small yard space. They are ideal for smaller modern houses.

Circular Driveways

Again like the name suggests, this driveway is circular in shape. Circular driveways are ideal for larger properties. The design has to be exact and the dimensions accurate. This driveway facilitates easy movement of vehicles in the compound. It eliminates the problem of backing up or double parking near the gate. You can even make it even super elegant by landscaping the central area.

Semi-Circular Driveways

Anderson hot mix asphaltIf you do not have ample space to construct a circular driveway, you can always go for the semicircular design. It still offers the elegant look and very many possibilities. But this design takes up less space. One advantage of this driveway is that you do not have to back up into a busy road. You will have a clear view of the road at all times. Semicircular driveways are recommended for houses that are located near busy roads. This is one of the most popular driveway designs is Anderson, SC.