Common Types Of Services Provided By Road Construction Contractors


Road construction contractors in Anderson, SC, provide many different types of services to all kinds of clients. The road construction industry in this county is very competitive. There are very many road construction contractors advertising their services in Anderson. Most of these Anderson road construction companies are quite reliable but there are also a few rotten apples in the industry. You should be very careful when hiring a contractor for your road construction project. This is mainly because road construction projects are quite resource intensive, which means that a lot of your money will be at stake if the project is not fully successful. The good news is that you can get all kinds of road construction services in Anderson and there are many competent and reliable road construction contractors for you to hire. Today we are going to look at some of the most common services provided by road construction companies in Anderson, SC.

Residential, Commercial, And Industrial Services

All road construction services can be split into three major categories. There are road construction services for private homeowners and these are generally referred to as residential road construction services. There also road construction services for business owners and for other commercial clients. These are referred to as commercial road construction services. We also have industrial road construction services. These services are meant for the bigger commercial clients and they are quite large in scale or scope. Generally, commercial and industrial road construction services are bundled into one category because they are all meant for commercial clients, such as businesses, corporations, institutions, government bodies, municipal bodies, and any other commercial and industrial clients.


Road construction services are also categorized according to the nature of the service. This is where you consider the specific type of service being provided. That is how we get such specialized road construction services like milling. Also called cold planing, pavement or asphalt milling is the process of removing the defective layer of a pavement or roadway. This process is used to correct gradient levels or thickness in a pavement or roadway. Milling is also used to reclaim the pavement surface for recycling. There are three main types of asphalt milling services, namely pavement milling, fine milling, and micro milling. Concrete milling is used to correct defects in a concrete surface and to repair bridge decks.


Anderson recycled asphaltCrushing and screening services are used to source new or used road construction materials or aggregates. Road construction companies use heavy machinery like conveyors, excavators, front end loaders, careens, stringers, tippers, and service and dump trucks to extract rocks from the ground and to crush and screen it to get new road construction materials.

Road Construction

The main category of road construction services is the road construction itself. This is where the road construction contractor is hired to build or construct an actual roadway or pavement. Road construction involves many processes including site preparation, site development, various asphalt and concrete paving services, site maintenance, and the management of storm drainage.

Asphalt Sealing

Asphalt sealing is done after the pavement or roadway is installed. This involves the application of a protective layer on the asphalt surface to protect the surface from water, snow, and UV light. You should have your asphalt surfaces sealcoated within a year of installation.

Thermo Striping

Thermo striping is the process of marking or line striping your asphalt pavements, parking lots, and roadways. It involves the application of a molten road market to enhance safety to road users.