Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Asphalt Pavements This Fall


Asphalt is a very tough and durable road construction and paving material. But like all other installations, asphalt requires proper care and maintenance to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Road surfaces undergo various changes when the climate or weather changes. This is because these surfaces are exposed to the changing weather patterns. That is why you will notice some physical changes or even damages to your roadways and pavements when the seasons change. When it comes to asphalt roadways and pavements, they can withstand all kinds of weather. But there are different reactions especially when the weather changes from the hot spring and summer months to the chilly fall and winter seasons. That is why you should change the care and maintenance practices for your asphalt pavements according to the season. The summer season has just ended and we are now entering the cold fall and winter months. You will need the following care and maintenance tips for your asphalt pavements this fall.

General Maintenance

Anderson asphalt drivewayYou will have to alter your general maintenance routine this fall. You cannot continue following the same routine that you were following during the summer season to maintain your asphalt pavements during the fall season. You will have to change the cleaning routine significantly. For starters, the fall season is characterized by heavy leaf fall. It’s also very chilly but you can still have some moisture on your asphalt pavements during this season. If you do not sweep or blow these leaves away from your asphalt pavements, they could hinder the drainage of surface runoff. They could even start rotting on your asphalt pavements. This is not proper asphalt maintenance. The pooled water and the rotting leaves can cause harmful reactions with the asphalt surface. This can cause a lot of damage to your asphalt pavements. You should make a point of removing all the leaves, sticks, rocks, and other debris from your asphalt pavements at least once a week. You should also ensure that all cracks and potholes are filled and repaired before the really cold winter season kicks off.

Surface Inspection

Every time the seasons changes, you should have the surfaces of you asphalt pavements inspected for defects and damage. Asphalt roadways and pavements wear out over time. You might not notice some of the minor cracks and potholes in your asphalt driveway or parking lot. But a road construction professional will be able to identify any such defects and repair them as soon as possible.

Water Draining Evaluation

When it comes to road maintenance, water is one of the most destructive agents. Asphalt is able to withstand many hazards but it is still affected by water. You should never allow water to pool on your asphalt pavements. The water can react with the asphalt surface through oxidation to cause extensive damage. You should hire a professional to conduct water pooling evaluation of all your asphalt pavements this fall.

Fall Aesthetics Evaluation

One of the main benefits of installing asphalt pavements is beauty. You should not ignore this fact during the fall season. Hire an asphalt specialist to enhance the beauty of your driveways and parking lots. If the stripes are faded, hire a Greenville asphalt striping company to restripe your asphalt pavements. You should also check the protective sealant to see whether you need to sealcoat or reseal your asphalt pavements this fall.