Benefits Of Recycling Asphalt


Road construction materials are not that cheap. When budgeting for a road construction project, you should always consider the cost of materials. This is mainly because you will need lots of materials depending on the size of the project. And these materials cost quite a lot of money. That is why road construction projects are very resource intensive. But with proper planning, you can always save a lot of money when constructing a road. One of the most important decisions that you have to make when planning a road construction project is the type of material to use for paving. Asphalt is the most commonly used material for paving. This is mainly because asphalt is cheaper, easier to install, and lasts for a very long time. But even after choosing asphalt as your paving material, you still need to make another important decision; whether to use original asphalt or recycled asphalt. You should always opt for recycled asphalt because it offers many advantages than original asphalt. Anderson asphalt recycling involves reusing reclaimed asphalt for road construction purposes. The following are some of the benefits of using recycled asphalt in road construction.

It’s Economical

Recycled asphalt is very economical. As you can expect, recycled asphalt costs less to produce than original asphalt. With original asphalt, the material has to be mined from the depths of the earth. This means that in order to obtain original asphalt, heavy machinery is required for mining. And this heavy machinery requires a lot of power in the form of gasoline. This costs a lot of money. Plus after the asphalt is mined from below the ground, it has to be processed and transported. These are other extra expenses and they all end up in your bill. But with recycled asphalt, the contractor simply reclaims old asphalt and then treats it to make it reusable in road construction projects. If you have an old asphalt pavement in your home and you wish to replace it, you just have to reclaim the old asphalt and reuse it at very little cost.

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High Quality Asphalt

Recycled asphalt is just as good as original asphalt. Many people are quite skeptical about the quality of recycled products. But believe it or not, recycled asphalt is of the same quality as original asphalt. You do not have to worry about the quality or longevity of your asphalt pavements when using recycled asphalt. The pavements will last just as long as those constructed with original asphalt.

Resource Conservation

Another benefit of using recycled asphalt is that it helps conserve resources. The aggregates of asphalt including sand, gravel, and stone, are all limited resources. When mined from the ground, they get depleted. It’s very important to conserve these naturally occurring limited resources. Recycling, which means using milled asphalt, ensures that you do not deplete these limited resources. And you should also remember that a lot of fuel is used to mine and process original asphalt. This fuel is another limited resource. You should use recycled asphalt to conserve resources.

Environmental Conservation

Asphalt recycling helps conserve the environment. Reclaiming old asphalt requires less fuel. This means that less green house gases are emitted to the environment. The process reduces environmental pollution. Reusing reclaimed asphalt also reduces landfill waste. The old asphalt does not end up in landfills, which conserves the environment. And the ground is not intruded through mining.