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Comparing The 4 Major Types Of Construction Contracts

Contracts are good because they offer transactional security to the parties involved.  Understanding a contract is paramount to signing it.  Ensuring the protection and outcome of the arrangement for both parties is what a fair contract does.  These are some of the most common construction contractual arrangements.   Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management (EPCM)   …


The 4 Most Popular Project Management Methodologies In The Building And Construction Industry

The typical construction project follows a plain and very basic procedure or lifecycle. The project owner or client plans and determines the scope of the project based on his budget and on the identified project needs and preferences. He then invites bids from prospective contractors and all other building and construction professionals like architects and …


5 Crucial Metrics For Tracking The Success Of Any Building And Construction Project

Construction projects, especially commercial and industrial construction projects, are hectic undertakings for both the client and the contractor. The project owner loses sleep over the ever-mounting resource demands as lots of unbudgeted expenses occur day in day out. On the other hand, the building contractor and his team suffer constant headaches due to scheduling hitches, …


Effective Asphalt Treatments For Maintaining The Quality And Longevity Of Pavements

Without a doubt, roads are quite expensive to build. Even the seemingly simple construction of a short driveway or parking lot costs quite a handsome sum of money. This necessitates taking extra care for the existing roads and pavements to ensure that they all remain in good condition for a very long time. Building and …


4 Important Factors When Contracting A Commercial & Industrial Construction Company

Regardless of the industry, size, cost, or nature of a project undertaking, all commercial and industrial construction projects must be handled expertly and cost-effectively. It is important to remember that most of these projects are quite resource-intensive and their implementation work usually undermines normal business operations.   Whether it’s a routine maintenance job, or a …


The 6 Key Milestones Of A Typical Commercial Construction Project

Basically, all projects undergo the same processes from growth to maturity. This is called the project development lifecycle and it represents all the major stages of evolution in any commercial undertaking. Construction projects span a wide range of possible installations occurring in many different settings. Some are small repair or makeover endeavors while others are …


4 Major Phases In A Road Construction Project

When it comes to commercial infrastructural projects, roads rank among the most important installations; especially in the commercial sector. Generally, roads include all kinds of professionally constructed outdoor pathways including pavements, parking lots, driveways, private access roads, and even the huge public highways. With the exception of a few specially constructed pathways for specialized transportation …


Three Ways To Take Care Of Business Parking Lots

Individuals who own a business or run a company should understand that taking care of parking lots is one of the most important things they can do in order to maintain a well-run front for their company. Parking lots that are taken care of should be repaved often enough based on use, and be easy …


Three Reasons To Use Recycled Asphalt

Using recycled asphalt can benefit homeowners in a number of ways, as they search for a helpful way to have their driveway paved. Recycled asphalt can help homeowners save money, as they use a method that is cheaper and easier on the driveway. It is easier for contractors, who can pass the savings on to …


Three Reasons To Make Early Repairs To Avoid Pothole Problems

For homeowners or individuals that have a driveway or parking lot, staying on top of it is important to avoid further problems. When individuals do not take care of areas that have significant damage, they will find themselves needing to fix a pothole sooner or later. Instead of letting problems get too far out of …

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