Anderson, South Carolina Is A Wonderful Community That Is Full Of Great Amenities


Anderson, South Carolina is a booming community that more people have been moving to each year. It is not hard to see why: there is so much going on here in Anderson! While this is a very family-friendly community with a wonderful small town feel, Anderson is certainly not lacking amenities! It is a difficult task to list all of Anderson’s great amenities in one article, but we will certainly try! If you have been thinking about moving to – or even just visiting – Anderson, continue reading. This article will highlight some of the many things that Anderson has to offer.


Shopping in Anderson


As many residents and visitors have found, Anderson is a wonderful place for shopping! Not only is it home to a mall, several strip malls, and big box stores; downtown Anderson is a wonderful historic shopping district that is home to many storefronts and mom-and-pop shops. Downtown is great for strolling and window shopping on a peaceful Saturday afternoon. You can have a variety of shopping experiences in Anderson, and find pretty much anything you are looking for. And if you can’t find it, remember, the larger city of Columbia  is only a short drive away!


Dining In Anderson


Anderson is a great area for shopping, and it is a great area dining as well. No, this is not a huge city, but you can still find just about any type of restaurant, serving every type of world cuisine that you can imagine. Whether you are looking for fast food, Tex-Mex, American comfort food, Italian, sushi, Indian, or Chinese, Anderson has you covered. And the really great news is, unlike in bigger cities, many restaurants here in Anderson are very affordable. That means you can take the whole family out to dinner without breaking the bank.


Playing In Anderson


Anderson is not only a wonderful place to shop and dine, it is a great place to play as well. There are many parks and recreational activities here in Anderson, and the area has no shortage of natural beauty for you to enjoy and appreciate. For one this is a great town – and area – for golfers. The multitude of courses, combined with the year-round warm weather makes for a true golfer’s paradise. Combine that with all of the great city parks, and you’ve got outdoor recreation that is hard to beat!


The Family-Friendly Appeal Of Anderson


One of the “x-factors” in Anderson that you can’t really put a price on is its family-friendly appeal. This is something you notice every day in this city. You notice it when you are walking down Anderson sidewalks and neighbors smile and say hello, you notice it when you are having a friendly conversation at the grocery store, and you notice it when you are attending one of the great community-wide events that happen every month here in Anderson. The fact that this is such a friendly and charming community is – above all else – what draws people here and keeps them here for a long time. This is really a great place to put down roots.


Anderson sidewalks