Advantages Of Using Recycled Asphalt In Greenville, SC


The People of Greenville, SC Prefers Recycled Asphalt

Greenville, SC is a recycling city. The people in this city love the environment very much and are hence very much committed to recycling stuff. In the Greenville, SC road construction industry, one material is very much recycled and reused in construction projects. Asphalt is the most popular road construction material in Greenville, SC. It’s also one of the most recycled road construction materials in the city. Actually, most people prefer recycled asphalt over new asphalt in their road construction projects in the city.

Greenwood recycled asphaltAsphalt recycling is quite easy and cost-effective. Asphalt is mostly recycled through a process called asphalt milling. In asphalt or pavement milling, the top layer of an asphalt surface is systematically removed and taken away for recycling. The used asphalt is taken away for grading, sizing, and some treatment before it can be reused in road construction projects. But you can also recycle asphalt without even removing it from the original site of installation. This process is called asphalt pulverization. The old asphalt surface is crushed or ground to mix all the sub layers and to create a sub base for a new pavement.

Today we are going to look at some of the advantages of using recycled asphalt in road construction in Greenville, SC. Companies like Pickens Construction encourage asphalt milling and recycling. Company reviews can be seen at

Save Money

The main reason why many people prefer Greenville recycled asphalt over new asphalt is because it’s cost-effective. New asphalt requires substantial resources in terms of time, energy, machinery, and money to mine, refine, and produce. Recycled asphalt is very easy to produce. You just mill it from the original site and treat it before reusing it in a new road construction project. And if you decide to use the pulverization method to recycle asphalt in Greenville, SC, things will be far much easier and cheaper. Recycled asphalt saves tax payers a lot of money when used in road construction projects by the government. It also helps governments avoid over dependence on oil.

Conserve Natural Resources

Asphalt is actually mined from the ground. It’s a byproduct of petroleum. When you mine asphalt, you are mining a limited natural resource. With repeated mining, asphalt gets depleted in the ground. Recycling asphalt in Greenville, SC means that you do not have to mine or use a natural resource from the ground. You are in fact conserving a limited natural resource.

Reduced Pollution

The process of mining and producing asphalt causes a lot of pollution. For starters, the natural environment is destroyed with the digging of huge holes. The asphalt is mined and refined using heavy machinery that consume a lot of oil. This releases toxic pollutant gases to the environment. When you recycle asphalt in Greenville, SC, you do not cause all this environmental pollution. And remember, if you do not recycle old asphalt, it may end up in landfills in Greenville, SC, thereby polluting the environment. Recycling asphalt curbs environmental pollution.

Higher Quality Asphalt

The most amazing thing about recycled asphalt is that it’s of a much higher quality than new asphalt. When the asphalt is being treated, they add mineral fillers and organic fibers that make the recycled asphalt stronger. Recycled asphalt is more crack and rut resistant.