Advantages For Businesses To Keep Their Parking Lots Repaired and Freshly Striped


Business driveways and parking lots are the first welcoming installations or structures that customers encounter on their way to your business premises. As such, you should always ensure that these structures are as appealing and as inviting as possible to render a positive impression of your business or company. One of the main ways of achieving this is by keeping your driveways and parking lots repaired and freshly striped all the time. This enhances your professional appeal and assures the customer of your commitment to safety, organization, and overall business efficiency. This article discusses the main advantages of keeping your business parking lots, pavements, and driveways repaired and freshly striped.


Vehicle & Pedestrian Safety

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Repairing and striping your business parking lots and driveways ensures vehicular and human safety in your place of business. Many accidents are attributed to road damage. Some accidents happen when vehicles veer off their lanes to avoid huge road cracks and potholes thereby encountering oncoming vehicles while on the wrong side of the roadway. In other cases, vehicles are forced to use pedestrian pavements to avoid road cracks and potholes. Such scenarios pose physical danger to both vehicles and humans visiting your business premises. By repairing all your business driveways and parking lots, you will reduce vehicular accidents and incidents in your place of business. Line striping your business pavements, roadways, driveways, and parking lots also helps reduce accidents and enhance safety in your business area. Line striping and road markings give graphical instructions to all road users in your place of business. By enhancing the safety in your business site, you will curb accident liabilities and injuries in your place of business thereby reducing your company’s accident-related medical expenses and insurance payments, which translates into profit maximization.


More Inviting To Customers


Another advantage of repairing and striping all your business parking lots and driveways is to enhance their aesthetic appeal and hence make them more inviting to your customers. As mentioned above, the physical condition and appearance of your business pavements, parking lots, and driveways say a lot about your business personality to your customers. If they are poorly maintained, your business roadways can shatter your image in the eyes of your customers. But if they are all perfectly repaired and freshly striped, they can create a very positive impression of your business on your customers. Therefore, you should not skimp on repairs and striping of your business parking lots and driveways. Instead, hire a professional Anderson sealing and striping company to maintain, repair, and mark all your business roadways.




It goes without saying that if your repair your business driveways and parking lots regularly then they will last longer. Regular repairs and fresh striping are all very useful care and maintenance practices for your business roadways. All your driveways and parking lots should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected several times a month to identify any cracks and potholes for repair. The cracks, chips or potholes should be patched and filled as soon as possible. You should also apply a fresh sealcoat on your asphalt pavements every 2-3 years to enhance the beauty of your business premises and also to protect the roadways. With inspections and regular asphalt repairs, seal coating, and striping, you will be assured of maintaining safe, beautiful, and durable roadways and pavements in your place of business.