5 Reasons Why Hot Mix Asphalt Is The Best Choice For Driveways


Asphalt is the most commonly used material in Greenville road construction. Asphalt offers many advantages when used in road construction. For starters, asphalt is quite cheap and easy to install. Asphalt is also very sturdy and durable when used in road construction. Asphalt is also sustainable because it’s recyclable and reusable. There are several types of asphalt in the market today. The most popular type of asphalt in road construction is called hot mix asphalt (HMA). It earns its name from the fact that it’s poured or applied after heating it to very high temperatures of between 300-350 degrees. The other type of asphalt is called warm mix asphalt (WMA). It’s poured when heated to temperatures between 200-250 degrees. Cold mix asphalt is another type of asphalt, which is produced and applied when cold. Porous asphalt is becoming increasingly popular in road construction because it allows water to seep and drain naturally into the ground. Many asphalt companies also produce custom asphalt mixes to suit specific client preferences. As mentioned above, HMA is the most commonly used asphalt because of the following reasons.

Quick And Easy To Pave

HMA is heated and poured at temperatures of between 300-350 degrees. This type of asphalt is usually applied when the outdoor temperatures are over 40 degrees. This is mainly because HMA cools very rapidly. As such, one of the main advantages of using HMA in road construction is fast cooling. HMA is also easy to use in paving. HMA is highly popular in the construction of high traffic roadways, highways, and interstates. Because it cools so rapidly, people can start or resume using the roadway or pavement after only a few hours of construction.

Durable With Little Maintenance

HMA is very tough and flexible and settles firmly in the ground. This means that this type of asphalt is very durable and requires little maintenance. Whereas other types of asphalt require regular cleaning and seal-coating to enhance their functionality, prolong their lifetime, and maintain their beauty, HMA requires very little maintenance and it still lasts for a very long time.Anderson hot mix asphalt


One of the main reasons why HMA is the most commonly used asphalt type in the construction of highways, interstates and roads in the United States is because it’s highly flexible. This type of asphalt is also very versatile. After being poured when very hot and in high outdoor temperatures, HMA latches firmly to the surface. This means that it’s not easily affected by extreme weather conditions. It’s able to expand and contract as the temperatures fluctuate from extremely low to extremely high. It does not crack or flake when exposed to these extreme temperatures.

Smooth Absorbent Surface

HMA pavements have a very smooth and absorbent surface. Remember that all types of asphalt offer a glossy black surface. HMA produces an exceedingly smooth and black surface. This surface absorbs and retains heat during the cold weather. This heat is used to melt the snow that settles on roadways and pavements during the winter season faster. This ensures that the paved surfaces are not damaged or ruined by surface snow or pooling water.

Beautiful Finish

The smooth glossy finish of HMA is very beautiful to look at. This surface will become even more beautiful when you sealcoat it after installation. This beauty will even increase the value of your home.