5 Destructive Elements Of Asphalt Driveways In Greenville, SC And How To Keep Them Away


Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway In Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC uses asphalt in many road construction and other infrastructural projects. Asphalt is one of the most commonly used road construction materials in the city. One of the most common asphalt projects in Greenville, SC is driveway construction. This is mainly because residential homes have their own private driveways. Many residents of Greenville, SC use asphalt to construct their private driveways. This is mainly because asphalt is relatively cheap, very durable, and 100% recyclable. Asphalt driveways are also very beautiful to look at due to the glossy dark rich color of asphalt.

Another advantage of using asphalt to construct Greenville driveways is that the material requires very little care and maintenance. You will still have to take some good care and to maintain your asphalt driveway in the right way in order to prolong its lifetime. Some of the things that you should do to maintain your asphalt driveway in Greenville, SC are:

·       Regular and thorough surface cleanup

·       Regular surface inspections

·       Sealing cracks and filling potholes as soon they appear

·       Fixing all other damages on time

·       Sealcoating and resealing the asphalt surface

·       Asphalt striping and restriping

·       Proper use of the asphalt drivewayAnderson hot mix asphalt

As you can see, you will have to hire a professional to do some of these maintenance activities. The good news is that Pickens Construction provides all these services at an affordable rate in Greenville, SC. Although asphalt is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials in the world, there are several elements that pose a serious threat to its structural integrity and longevity. Today we are going o look at some of these harmful elements and how you can protect your asphalt driveway in Grenville, SC from them.

Direct Sunlight

Asphalt is easily damaged by direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can cause a lot of damage to your asphalt driveway in Greenville, SC. But there is a very effective solution to this problem. Applying a protective sealant every 2-3 years will keep the asphalt surface protected from these harmful rays.

Standing Water

Standing water is another serious hazard to your asphalt driveway. You need to ensure that the drainage of your asphalt driveway is okay to avoid any standing water. Sealcoating the asphalt surface will also prevent water from seeping through. You should also consider using porous asphalt to construct your driveway to avoid this problem.

Fuel And Oil Spills

Gas and the oil used in your car contain all kinds of harmful chemicals. These chemicals can really ruin your asphalt driveway. You should clean the fuel and gas spills as soon as possible. Sealcoating will also keep these harmful chemicals away.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a huge menace to many things in your compound. They can damage your plumbing and run your asphalt driveway. Plant huge trees away from your driveway and ensure that you hire professionals to construct the driveway.

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy trucks and other vehicles will ruin your asphalt driveway in Greenville, SC in a very short time. Proper asphalt installation will take care of this problem and ensure that your asphalt driveway lasts as long as possible.