4 Safety Benefits Of An Asphalt Pavement


Many people prefer asphalt as a road construction material because of its many financial benefits. Asphalt has many financial advantages than the other road construction materials. For starters, asphalt is cheaper to install than the other popular road construction materials like concrete. Asphalt is also easier and faster to install than most of the other road construction materials. This means that there are fewer disruptions when paving a road or pavement with asphalt. Thirdly, asphalt requires less maintenance and lasts for a very long time. With regular sealcoating and proper drainage, an asphalt pavement will last for a very long time without developing any cracks or potholes. In addition to all these financial benefits, asphalt also offers many safety benefits to the user. This is the other reason why asphalt is the most popular road construction material in the United States. Let us look at some of the safety benefits of installing an asphalt pavement.

Better Skid Resistance

Asphalt surfaces offer better skid resistance. Asphalt is an amazing road construction material. It offers two contrasting but very impregnate benefits to the user. For one, asphalt offers a very smooth finish, which is easier on vehicles. But on the other hand, that smooth finish offers better skid resistance than most of the other road construction materials. This means that vehicles are less likely to skid on an asphalt pavement. And even when you are walking on an asphalt pavement, you are less likely to slip and fall. Asphalt creates a slip resistant surface with higher traction even in wet weather conditions.

Less Splash Back

Asphalt has less splash-back in wet weather conditions. Most of the other road construction materials produce a huge splash back when you are driving in wet weather conditions. This is quite dangerous because it can affect the visibility of the driver behind you. You can also end up splashing the storm water on pedestrians causing them to slip and fall or to suffer other accidents. One of the safety benefits of asphalt is that it produces less splash back even when you are driving in a heavy storm. Many people are now using porous asphalt in road construction because it allows rainwater to seep through harmlessly to the ground below. This prevents water from sitting on the asphalt surface and causing splash backs and other problems.

Better Visual Distinction

Striped asphalt offers better visual distinction on pavements and roadways. Thermo striped asphalt is quite visible even from a distance. You will be able to clearly see your lane on a marked asphalt roadway. Even a thermo striped asphalt parking lot has better visual distinction. Anderson asphalt striping is a very important safety procedure. It allows road users to clearly see their allocated spaces to avoid collisions and other accidents. Even at night, a thermo striped asphalt roadway reflects light to clearly show you your lane. You will also be able to identify other safety markings like bumps and crossings from a distance.Anderson asphalt striping

Melts Snow And Ice Faster

The black glossy finish of an asphalt pavement retains a lot of heat from the sun. During the winter season when snow and ice accumulates on roadways and pavements, asphalt helps speed up the process of thawing. This enhances safety on asphalt pavements because you are less likely to slip and fall after the snow has melted.