4 Reasons To Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Sealed In Anderson, SC


Preventative Maintenance For Your Asphalt Parking Lot In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC experiences erratic weather patterns that can cause serious damage to asphalt roadways, pavements, driveways, and parking lots. Although asphalt is regarded as one of the strongest and most durable road construction materials in Anderson, SC, it can be damaged by harsh weather and high temperature variations. This is one of the main reasons why you need to seal your asphalt parking lot. There are many highly recommended preventative maintenance measures for asphalt in Anderson, SC. One such measure is asphalt sealing. This involves the application of a protective sealant on the asphalt surface soon after construction. When it comes to asphalt sealing in Anderson, SC, timing is very important. You should seal your asphalt parking lot after three months following construction but within the year. This will give the asphalt surface enough time to dry and set. But the protective sealant does not last forever. It wears out with time. That is why you should reseal your asphalt parking lot every 2-3 years. Sealing your asphalt parking lot will provide you with several important benefits. Let us look at some of the reasons why you should seal and reseal your asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC.Anderson seal coating

Prevent Damage

As mentioned above, the main reason why you should seal your asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC is to protect it from damage. There are very many harmful hazards that can damage the surface or layers of the asphalt parking lot. Sealing the asphalt parking lot will help keep all these hazards away. The asphalt sealant will protect the parking lot from:

·       Water permeation

·       Ultraviolet light from the sun

·       Oil spills

·       Fuel spills

·       Other chemical and physical hazards

All these harmful things will ruin your asphalt parking lot if you do not seal it properly. These damages will cost you a lot of money when you request Anderson parking lot repair services. As you very well know, prevention is always better or rather cheaper than cure. That is why you should seal your asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC to keep it in fine condition.

Prolong Its Lifetime

Exposing your asphalt parking lot to all kinds of hazards will trigger frequent damages. These damages can be quite extensive and super expensive to fix. You might be required to replace the whole parking lot or to repave it within a few years. This is quite costly. Sealing your asphalt parking lot will prolong its lifetime.


One of the most important reasons why Pickens Construction, who can also be seen at http://lekkoo.com/v/591855f3453a545150000036/Pickens_Construction_Inc/#lat=0.000000&lng=0.000000&zoom=2, advises people to seal asphalt surfaces in Anderson, SC is to enhance their aesthetic appeal. The protective sealant gives the newly installed asphalt surface a shiny black hue. This is very beautiful to look at. And even when the parking lot grows old and the asphalt starts to fade, you can reseal it to give it its original hue. The sealant will appear super beautiful when you line strip your parking lot. And this will attract more clients to your place of business.

Absorb More Heat

The darker color of the asphalt sealant enables it to attract more heat from the sun. This will help melt snow faster during the cold season. And this will help keep your parking lot dry and safe.