4 Major Concerns When Paving An Asphalt Parking Lot In Greenville, SC


Ensuring Quality In Parking Lot Paving In Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC maintains high standards in asphalt paving and road construction. The city has some of the most impressive road construction projects. Like all other cities in the United States, Greenville, SC struggles with a parking problem. There is limited parking space in the city but the city planners have done an amazing job of managing the available parking space. The business owners and the city council have worked hand-in-hand to ensure that there is ample parking space in Greenville, SC. There have also been quality control measures to ensure that high-quality asphalt parking lots are constructed in the city using high-quality materials, qualified contractors, like Pickens Construction, and proper plans and designs. Constructing a good asphalt parking lot in Greenville, SC requires proper planning and budgeting. A good parking lot will assist your business in several ways including:Greenwood asphalt striping

·       Safety

·       Attracting more customers

·       Lower repair costs

·       Professional outlook and beauty

·       Lasts longer

As you can see, maintaining a good asphalt parking lot is very good for your business in Greenville, SC. Pickens Construction has been constructing Greenville parking lots for many years now. The company has five major concerns when constructing a new asphalt parking lot in the city. They can also be seen at http://www.loopdesk.com/14460/. These concerns are discussed below.


The quality of an asphalt parking lot depends on the quality of its base. This includes many factors including the depth, slope, and quality of the base of the asphalt parking lot. The quality of the base will determine how long the asphalt parking lot will last. According to professional road construction contractors, the most important thing that you should be concerned about when constructing an asphalt roadway, pavement, driveway, or parking lot is the quality of the base. You should always remember that the base will eventually support the whole structure.

Type & Quality Of Asphalt

The other major consideration when constructing an asphalt parking lot in Greenville, SC is the type of asphalt that you are going to use. Several types of asphalt that are used in road construction in the city and these include:

·       Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

·       Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)

·       Cold Mix Asphalt (CMA)

·       Porous asphalt

·       Custom mixes

The most recommendable type of asphalt for constructing a parking lot in Grenville, SC is the porous asphalt. This type of asphalt is a little bit more expensive but it has numerous advantages. Porous asphalt allows water to seep through the surface into the ground. This means that you will never find standing water on this type of asphalt. As such, porous asphalt lasts for a very long time. It’s also very easy to maintain.

Thickness Of The Asphalt Paving

The other major concern in parking lot paving is the thickness of the asphalt surface. You should be concerned about the thickness of the paving itself. Thicker paving is good because it’s stronger and lasts longer. But this is not always the case. There are many other factors in play here including the slope of the paving to ensure proper drainage.


And last but not least, drainage is a major concern in parking lot paving in Greenville, SC. You should always ensure proper drainage to avoid standing water in your parking lot.