4 Important Things That You Should Do After Constructing A Parking Lot In Anderson, SC


Proper Care And Maintenance Of Asphalt Parking Lots In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC needs to take good care of its asphalt parking lots. You will find very many asphalt parking lots in the city and they are all very necessary. The residents of Anderson, SC need these asphalt parking lots for their cars as they go about their business in the city. Asphalt parking lots are highly preferred in Anderson, SC because they offer several benefits. Asphalt as a road construction material offers several benefits including:

·       It’s very strong and durable

·       Requires little maintenance

·       Cheaper and easier to use

·       Environmentally friendly

·       Safer

·       Aesthetically pleasing

These are some of the reasons why many parking lots in Anderson, SC are made of asphalt. Although asphalt is a very tough and durable material, it still requires proper care and maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, your asphalt parking lot will last for a very long time and you will incur fewer expenses in asphalt repairs. Here are a few care and maintenance activities that you should do after constructing an asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC.

Sealing And Resealing

One of the most important preventative maintenance activities for asphalt pavements, driveways, parking lots, and roadways is sealcoating. This is the application of a protective sealant on the asphalt surface. The sealant protects the asphalt surface and the underlying layers from ultraviolet light, water, oil and gas spills, and other harmful agents. You should seal your asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC between 3-12 months after construction. The protective sealant will wear off with time. That is why you should reseal the asphalt parking every two years. Pickens Construction provides professional asphalt sealcoating services in Anderson, SC. The company has been doing parking lot seal coating in Anderson for many years.

Striping And Restriping

This is one of the most important safety procedures for asphalt parking lots and roadways. Asphalt striping or line striping is the application of markers on the asphalt surface. You should mark or line stripe your asphalt parking lot soon after completion. Thermoplastic striping is highly recommended because it offers more benefits including:

·       It lasts longer

·       It’s more reflective even at night

·       It dries quickly

·       It’s cost-effective

Striping your asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC will enhance safety in your parking lot. It also enables better space management. Parking lot striping also enhances the beauty of your asphalt parking lot.Anderson asphalt striping

Regular Inspection

Asphalt parking lots should be inspected regularly for cracks, potholes, and other defects. You should inspect the parking lot regularly to ensure that the surface is in good condition. If you discover any cracks, potholes, or any other faults in the asphalt parking lot, call an asphalt paving specialist, like Pickens, as soon as possible for repairs. They can also be seen at http://where2go.com/binn/b_search.w2g?function=detail&type=quick&listing_no=1643351&_UserReference=7F0000014654A80A531B2548411058FCA4AF.

Regular Cleaning

This is the most basic care and maintenance activities for asphalt parking lots. The asphalt surface should be cleaned regularly depending on the weather. All oil and gas spills should be removed during the clean up. All other debris should be swept or hosed off to ensure water drainage and maintain the beauty of the asphalt surface.