4 Important Maintenance Activities For Asphalt Parking Lots


One of the main reasons why asphalt is so popular in the road construction industry is because it requires minimal care and maintenance. Asphalt is one of the toughest road construction materials. It’s also very durable and quite cheap to buy and install. But in order to prolong the lifespan of your asphalt pavements, driveways, and parking lots, there are a few preventative maintenance measures that you must undertake. There are also a few basic care and maintenance activities that you must do. Today we are going to look at four care and maintenance activities that are recommended for asphalt parking lots.

Sweeping And Washing

The most basic care and maintenance activity that you should do to enhance the functionality and ensure the longevity of your asphalt parking lot is regular sweeping. It’s very important that you sweep your asphalt parking lot several times every week depending on the weather. During the fall season when so many dead leaves are falling on the parking lot, you should sweep more regularly. But even during the other seasons, you should remove all the leaves and other debris from your asphalt driveway as soon as possible. You should also make a point of washing your asphalt parking lot regularly and thoroughly depending on the weather. All stubborn stains should be removed as soon as they appear using the right cleaning products. There are very many important benefits of maintaining a clean asphalt parking lot. For starters, it creates a great first impression on your clients. Secondly, it prolongs the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot because there won’t be any standing water due to debris buildup on the asphalt surface. Thirdly, it deters littering and environmental pollution. It also keeps pests and rodents away from your commercial building.

Sealcoating And Resealing

One of the most important preventive maintenance processes for asphalt parking lots is sealcoating. This involves the application of a protective sealant on the asphalt surface. The sealant protects the asphalt surface from various destructive hazards and agents like water, ultraviolet light, oil spills, and so on. Asphalt sealing should be done three months after the parking lot is completed but within a year of completion. The sealant wears off with time and hence you should reseal your asphalt parking lot every two years.

Striping And Restriping

Anderson asphalt stripingAny commercial parking lot should be line striped immediately after completion. This involves the application of stripes or markers on the parking lot. This is how your asphalt parking lot will be divided into individual parking spots. Thermo striping is the most recommendable technique for Greenville road striping. Parking lot striping is mainly done to manage the parking space and also for safety purposes. You should have your commercial parking lot restriped as soon as the lines or stripes start to fade.

Repairing And Repaving

Another super important maintenance activity for asphalt parking lots is timely repairs and repaving. Asphalt surfaces develop various faults and defects after repeated usage. These defects occur due to weather changes, heavy traffic, old age, oxidation, or any other chemical or physical processes. You should fix your asphalt parking lot as soon as possible to avoid full-scale asphalt replacement. You should consider repaving your asphalt parking lot if the damage is too extensive.