4 Good Reasons Why Asphalt Is The Right Pavement Choice For You


Are you considering a construction project in the future – one that requires you to law down pavement? If so, you are likely wondering which pavement option you should go with. As a pro tip, we recommend that you go with asphalt. There are many reasons why Anderson asphalt is the right pavement for your project. Asphalt has many advantages and can be used for a variety of paving projects, from driveways to parking lots. In fact, asphalt’s versatility is one of the reasons that it has remained so popular over the years. To find out more reasons why asphalt is a popular and beneficial pavement, read further.

Asphalt Is Very Cost Effective

Another reason that asphalt has remained so popular is that it is a very cost effective paving material. People who use asphalt for their paving projects are able to save big money over other types of materials, especially if they use recycled asphalt (more on that below). Even though asphalt is a cost effective material, it is still very high quality (more on that later as well). This proves that you do not have to sacrifice quality for cost savings.

Greenwood recycled asphaltAsphalt Can Be Recycled

Yes, you read that right: asphalt can actually be recycled. This means that, if you are tearing up, or milling, an old asphalt parking lot, for instance, you can actually recycle the old asphalt. This also means that if you are looking to purchase asphalt for a new paving project, you can save even more money by purchasing recycled asphalt. When you use recycled asphalt, you not only save money; you help out the environment as well. Its cost effectiveness combined with its environmental friendliness makes asphalt a very popular choice for pavement projects. Even though recycled asphalt is cheaper than new asphalt, it is still durable and high performing.

Asphalt Is Durable

Another advantage to asphalt is its durability. When you pave with asphalt, you will be laying down a product that will last for years to come, especially if you take good care of it. This means that you will have to spend less money on repairs and replacements, which in turn means more money in your pocket. Whether you use new asphalt or recycled asphalt, you can be sure that you are getting a superior product.

Asphalt Is Easy To Maintain

Another distinct advantage to using asphalt is that it is easy to maintain. Part of maintaining asphalt involves sealing it. This is an inexpensive procedure that you only need to perform once every couple of years. Maintaining asphalt also involves keeping it clean—especially keeping it clear of debris. This is not a difficult task, simply one that you have to stay on top of.  As with any construction material, the right maintenance will greatly increase asphalt’s lifespan.  If repairs do need to be made, you will find that they are inexpensive and quickly completed.