4 Benefits Of Thermo Striping Your Commercial Parking Lot


Road construction involves many different activities before the project is completed. Road construction projects vary in nature and scope. These projects include the actual construction of roadways and highways, the construction of private and commercial driveways and parking lots, the construction of streets, construction of storm drainage systems, and many other projects. There are several things that you must do before you launch any type of road construction project. You have to plan and budget for your road construction project. You should also hire a professional road construction contractor to assist you with your project. You will then acquire all the necessary materials and launch your road construction project. Some road construction activities occur after the project is seemingly completed. These post-completion road construction activities include sealcoating and thermo striping. Thermo striping is one of the most important road construction activities. Thermo striping is done on roadways and highways and also on streets, driveways, and parking lots. Today we are going to look at the benefits of thermo striping your commercial parking lot. Anderson sealing


Thermoplastic striping or thermo striping is the process of marking a paved surface with molten thermoplastic. The process requires special equipment and machinery and it’s very important for safety reasons. It’s important to note that there are other methods of line striping a paved surface, like the use of paint. But thermo striping remains the most popular method of marking paved surfaces in the country. One of the main reasons why Anderson parking lots are thermo striped after construction is to enhance safety. Thermo striping involves the application of thermoplastic stripes or lines in your parking lot. These stripes indicate designated parking spots in your commercial parking lot. This means that each car will have ample parking space and will hence not collide with another when being parked or when leaving the parking lot. This ensures safety in your commercial parking lot. Thermo striping also helps to designate special parking spots for the disabled and for senior management. These are all important steps in ensuring safety in your parking lot. One reason why thermoplastic is far much popular than paint in line striping is because it’s reflective. This means that you can see the designated parking spots even at night.

Space Management

The most basic reason for line striping a parking lot is to manage the parking space. A commercial parking lot has many users. As such, it should be divided as closely as possible to maximize space usage. Thermo striping enables you to divide your commercial parking lot into many parking spots to ensure that all your workers and clients get a convenient place to park their vehicles.

Aesthetic Appeal

A thermo striped parking lot looks amazing. Commercial parking lots are usually thermo striped with a white or yellow color. This comes out great on the glossy black finish of an asphalt or concrete parking lot. As such, thermo striping enhances the aesthetic appeal of your business premises and your commercial compound.

Cost-Effective & Durable

Thermo striping is a cost-effective alternative to other methods of line striping. Thermo striping is a very durable solution in line striping. This means that it’s highly suitable for high traffic areas like your commercial parking lot. Thermo striping is done quickly and hence enables your workers and clients to use the commercial parking lot in no time.