3 Things To Do After Constructing A New Asphalt Roadway In Anderson, SC


Proper Care And Maintenance Of Asphalt Roads In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC has many well-maintained roadways and highways. The city boasts an excellent road network thanks to the care and maintenance efforts of the residents and the local administration. Most of the roads in Anderson, SC are made of asphalt for obvious reasons. Asphalt is still the most popular materials for Anderson road construction. This is mainly because asphalt offers many benefits in road construction than all the other materials. Some of the benefits of using asphalt in road construction include:

·       It’s very strong and durable

·       It’s relatively cheap

·       Faster and easier to install

·       Requires minimal care and maintenance

·       Aesthetically appealing

·       It’s 100% recyclable

·       It’s eco-friendlyanderson road building

All these advantages make asphalt a very popular road construction material in Anderson, SC and in the rest of the country. But although we have mentioned that asphalt requires minimal care and maintenance, it still requires quite a bit of care and maintenance in order to enhance its functionality and ensure its longevity. There are several important things that you should do after installing a new asphalt roadway in Anderson, SC. Today we are going to look at these post-construction activities for asphalt roadways and pavements.

Wait For At Least 24 Hours Before Driving On The New Asphalt Road

One of the most important rules that you should observe after constructing any type of roadway using any type of material in Anderson, SC is that you should always give it time to cure and dry. Asphalt is very popular because it takes very little time to dry, which means less inconvenience to the road users. You can use a new asphalt roadway within 24 hours of installation. You should wait for a little bit longer during the hot weather. Otherwise, you should follow the instructions of the road construction contractor regarding when it’s safe to use the new asphalt roadway.

Preventative Maintenance

This is the part that you should take even more seriously. These are all the things that you should do to ensure that the lifetime of the asphalt roadway is prolonged. Let us dig right in.

Regular And Thorough Cleaning

You should clean the surface of your newly constructed asphalt roadway as soon as possible. The cleaning frequency will depend on the weather and season in Anderson, SC. Do not allow leaves, mud, and other debris to accumulate on the asphalt roadway.

Regular Inspections And Timely Repairs

Take time to inspect your asphalt roadway for any damages. Any cracks and/or potholes should be sealed and/or filled by a professional like Pickens Construction as soon as possible.

Sealing And Resealing

This is one of the most important preventative maintenance activities for asphalt pavements and roadways in Anderson, SC. Sealcoating the asphalt surface with a protective sealant will prevent harmful elements like water, ultraviolet light, and gas and oil spills from seeping and damaging the lower layers. Sealcoat the asphalt road within a year of construction and then reseal it every two years.

Thermo Striping

You should mark the asphalt road soon after road construction in Anderson, SC. These markers will enhance safety in your newly constructed asphalt roadway. Thermoplastic striping is very durable, cost-effective, and highly visible. Asphalt striping saves lives.