3 Key Asphalt Maintenance Tips

 Ensure Your Driveway Stays in Perfect Condition

Our driveways are often what people see first before getting into our houses and therefore say a lot about you as a homeowner. This is why you should always make sure you keep it in good shape and protect it from cracks, graining, or fading. The way you maintain the asphalt plays a significant role, and here are a few maintenance tips. Learn more here.



Make sure you apply a sealant at least once every one to two years. Sealcoating not only freshens the look, but it also improves the integrity of your asphalt by rejuvenating its protective layer, which goes a long way towards increasing its longevity. Learn more about Why Choose Pickens Construction.



Repair Cracks Ahead of Time

As soon as you notice any cracks on your asphalt driveway, make an effort to get them repaired immediately. This is because, while a small crack may seem harmless, it only takes harsh weather and regular usage to get the situation out of hand.


Remove Snow as Often as Possible

When snow piles up on your driveway, chances are it will turn into ice or melt. Either way, it spells trouble for your driveway, and not too long after, cracks will start to form. Removing snow often can be a great solution.

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