3 Important Things That You Should Know About Asphalt Parking Lot Striping In Anderson, SC


Line Striping In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC should have striped parking lots and roadways. Line striping is a very important post-construction activity for all asphalt surfaces. Striping means that you are simply marking the asphalt surface. For a roadway or highway, you will start by adding stripes to mark the various lanes for vehicles to use. This is a very important safety feature in Anderson, SC. Line striping in roadways and highways also includes the addition of various markers to indicate crossings and turnings. When it comes to your asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC, you need to stripe it because it’s beneficial to you and to the parking lot users. It’s also a legal requirement that you line stripe your parking lot in the city. There are many important things that you should know about Anderson asphalt striping. One important thing that you should know about line striping in Anderson, SC is that it’s only done by professional road construction and paving companies. Pickens Construction provides professional line striping services in the city. Here are a few other important things that you need to know about asphalt parking lot striping in Anderson, SC.

Thermo Striping Is The Best

There are several ways of line striping an asphalt parking lot in Anderson, SC. The two most popular line striping techniques or methods are paint striping and thermo striping. Paint striping involves the use of paint to mark your asphalt parking lot. But paint striping is not as good as thermo striping. It has too many shortcomings including reduced longevity and functionality. Thermo striping on the other hand offers very many advantages. Also called thermoplastic striping, thermo striping involves the use of molten thermoplastic to mark your asphalt parking lot. Here are a few reasons why the people of Anderson, SC prefer thermo striping:Anderson parking lots

·       It dries very quickly hence its very convenient

·       Highly reflective hence increases visibility even at night

·       Very cost-effective

·       Very durable

Make sure that you hire a professional road construction and paving contractor to thermo stripe your asphalt parking lot. Pickens Construction, also found at https://ezlocal.com/sc/anderson/construction-company/096383063, is an obvious choice.

Asphalt Striping Is Very Beneficial

As mentioned above, there are very many reasons why you should line stripe your asphalt parking lot. We have already agreed that thermo striping is the best way to mark your asphalt parking lot. Asphalt parking lot striping is very important because of the following reasons:

·       Better space management

·       Improves the aesthetic appeal

·       Projects a professional outlook

·       Enhances safety

·       Reduces liability

·       Legal compliance

As you can see, you cannot maintain a parking lot in Anderson, SC without line striping it. You will have to divide the parking lot into individual parking spots using thermoplastic marker. This will help manage the parking space and also keep vehicles from colliding with each other. Plus all the other advantages mentioned above.

Asphalt Restriping Is Very Important

Another important thing that you should know about asphalt line striping is that it does not last forever. After some time, the line stripes will fade away. If you use paint to line stripe your asphalt parking lot, the markers will fade away very fast. But thermoplastic stripes last for a very long time. You should restripe your asphalt parking lot as soon as you notice that the lines and markers are fading away.